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Awakened Impact

Trusted Advisors to Awakening Leaders and Groups who want to make an Impact on the World

Welcome to Awakened Impact

We are living in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) time. This VUCAness tends to make us feel so completely disoriented that it is hard to know which end is up, where the ground is beneath our feet, and toward what we are aiming. Our North Star guidance system is obscured. As Peter Vaill said in his book, Learning as a Way of Being, we are living in a state of permanent white water.

In this VUCA world, visionary, out-of-the-box leaders are needed now more than ever: people who are sensing into a different way of doing things, who are able to think differently, and who are able to break out of the stuckness that we currently find ourselves in. As Otto Scharmer said, we keep coming up with solutions that no one wants and that do not work. We are hitting the wall as a global society. We need people who are awakening to a different reality to lead us in a new direction.

Awakened Impact is a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to supporting leaders and groups as they try new ways of working and relating through continued personal, professional, and leadership development and through group and team development using practices including coaching, consulting, training, facilitation, and contemplative practices.

Get in touch, so we can begin exploring how we can support you and help you to make the impact that is calling you.


How We Can Help

You have been doing the inner work. You are on the path to waking up to truly knowing your authentic self and to serving a greater good much larger than just you. Your group is dedicated to walking the path together, finding deeper connections and working toward your evolutionary purpose. If any of those statements are true for you, Awakened Impact can help. The path can be overwhelming, confusing, blissful, rich, and full of more questions. And it can also be lonely. Awakened Impact is dedicated to supporting journeyers through coaching, leadership development, consulting, and providing training and retreats. We make the path less lonely and one where you feel in community with others also walking the path. The challenges we face as a human species cannot be solved alone, so leaning into community as we awaken to new ways to being and new ways of solving problems is crucial in this VUCA world.

How far along the path you are – whether you’ve just stepped onto the path or have been walking it many years – is less important. And it is less important, because once you have committed to a path of awakening to your true, authentic self, to a greater good that is much larger than just yourself, and to a larger reality that is calling for us, as human beings, to step into our collective full potential, most of us find that there is no turning back. Whatever you are learning along the path is a gift, and Awakened Impact wants to help you to find ways to share that learning and to make an impact.

We thrive on finding custom solutions to support your work in the world.

Our services include:

  • Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership and Group
    Development Consulting
  • Facilitation and Training
  • Mindfulness Teaching and Coaching
  • Qualitative Research


Awakened Impact has been involved in the qualitative study of group consciousness and how group consciousness can bring about deep connection, understanding, and synergy. Through the phenomenological study of coherence and intersubjectivity, we are learning more about the experience of oneness and non-duality – what it is like to experience that oneness, how a group can deeply connect, and what happens when a group is deeply connected in this way.

Drawing on the metaphor of sport and the field of play, the space where play is enacted, in sport, the playing field, can be considered the intersubjective field. Players involved in the game are individuals who are entering the field. When the individuals come together, moving into the magical experience of a high-performing team, anticipating each other’s movement, reading each other’s thoughts, and creating a seamlessness from one player to the next, the team is cohering into a more advanced state of being. And when the result of the play in this advanced state of being is truly brilliant play – it may seem almost other-worldly – the team is experiencing emergence. This is the possibility within intersubjectivity.


Mindful Leadership in the Time of Pandemic

In this time of pandemic and as it drags on and on, it is more important than ever that we have the ability to sit with and in discomfort. And we can only do that by slowing down, by turning into (instead of away from) the discomfort, and through a heightened sense of self-awareness. And with those practices comes an increase in compassion and empathy, both toward self as well as toward others.

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Stacey Guenther is a coach, consultant, educator, and contemplative scholar who is dedicated to the developmental journey for herself as well as for the individuals and groups she serves. She invites her clients into deep work with wisdom and heart while holding the space for them to find answers, inspiration, and direction and to build new skills. She is known for her infectious energy and enthusiasm, experiential style, and building playfulness and fun into whatever she does. Stacey has been told that she has leadership presence and has a natural ability to lead and influence. She is a long-time, committed meditator, and she finds the sacred in nature as well as in animals.


  • PhD ABD, Leadership and Change – research area: group consciousness and coherence
  • MS, Organization Development
  • Professional Credentialed Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Transpersonal Leadership Coach, LeaderShape International
  • Certified Meditation Teacher – Professional, International Meditation Teachers Association
Stacey Guenther
Stacey Guenther, Principal

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